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Detailed, step-by-step written and video (coming soon) projects to help you quickly learn electronics, including project documentation.
The best way to learn electronics is by building interesting and fun projects.

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Getting started with Electronics

This kit contains all the basic components to get you started building some cool projects on a breadboard.


Project Kits

Are you tech savvy and prepared for the jobs of the future?. No, well these projects has been designed with you in mind. As a maker, i enjoy building functional products while having fun, in the end, i learn so much more when applying myself. You can too buy purchasing our once-off project kits and learn new skills and having fun at the same time.


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Open-Source Hardware & Software

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Hobby CNC HMI/Pendant
JUNE 03, 2020

A wireless hmi/pendant for your diy cnc

Tools and Equipment

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C-Beam CNC
MAY 14, 2020

My journey into cnc machining by building my very own c-beam based desktop cnc

Vacuum Former
MAY 14, 2020

An easy and affordable desktop vacuum forming machine for makers.

DIY Injection Moulding Machine
MAY 31, 2020

A diy solution for making RC and FPV parts. Join me as i design and build my own desktop injection moulding machine.

PCB Mill
SEPTEMBER 01, 2020

I am finally building my pcb mill.

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Uncategorized videos to inspire, teach and keep you informed.

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