• Core-Mega328PB-R1


The Core-Atmega328PB is a tiny programmable module featuring the ATmega328PB microcontroller from Microchip, a backward-compatible replacement for the popular ATmega328P that features more general-purpose I/O and many additional peripherals. This module provides access to all the digital input/output pins.

It ships preloaded with an Arduino-compatible serial bootloader that enables programming through the Arduino IDE via a USB-to-serial adapter, and the ISP pins are accessible for programming with an AVR programmer.

Quick Spec

  • Microcontroller - Atmega328PB-AU
  • Max Frequency - 20MHz
  • Flash -32KB (Self-Programmable Flash)
  • SRAM - 2KB
  • Eeprom - 1KB
  • Operating Voltage Range - 1.8 - 5.5V
  • Dimensions : 35mm x 40mm

Please note: All components are pre-soldered accept for the male and female headers. If you want them soldered, please tick the box under available options.

Shipping List

  • 1x Core-Mega328PB-R1 Development Board


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